Simolean Mall for Sims 4

It has a Starbucks, Bath and Body Works, Food Court with McDonald’s, Pizzeria ,bar, and a merry go round, Jewelry Store, Fashion Store, Hot Topic, Apple Store,Toys, Macy’s Department Store, Cheese Shop,Ice Cream Bakery, Perfume Store, Middle of the mall shops, and a lot more


Custom Content used

Hanging Dress

Grocery Set

Clothing Rack

H&M Signs and Mannequins 

Perfume Items

Kawaii Picnic Stuff

More Picnic Items

Rustic Country Set

Late Dinner Items

Market Items



Starbucks Items

Clothing racks Shop Items

Bath and Body Works Stuff


Ice Cream

Deco People 1

Deco People 2 scroll down and download street people and dancing people

Merry Go Round


Diner Addons 

Smart Speakers

Makeup Stuff


Backpack 1

handbag clutter

more handbag clutter

Beach bag

even more handbag clutter

shopping bags

vending machines




cash registers

bakery Goods

beauty salon stuff

Bags, Posters, Mugs

Mac Book

pretty books

more pretty books

Colorful Speakers for Apple Store

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