Leadville Colorado Safeway – No fresh food!


This is the Leadville Safeway. I refuse to go in there because I get angry every time I do. This is our only grocery store. We can drive 30 mins ( longer in a snow storm) to Vail to Buena vista to get a non Safeway store. We have bought rotten meat at this store over 10 times in 15 years. I never remember buying rotten meat in Georgia. The bread is always stale, if they even have any. All the fresh food they sell magically molds a soon as you bring it home. The place smells like they have a fresh seafood market inside, They have a foot of fish for sale, I can’t imagine why it smells so bad. I used the bathroom once, it was litterally clogged and flowing over. I have also heard, that the back of the building is caving in, or falling apart, and they have decided it is unfixable!! I keep asking my husband not to go in there at all. They seem to have just given up! Just close so someone else can come in! I can get to another store, but a lot of people can not. We deserve something better.

To all my Lake County friends. Let’s start a grocery store revolution! Have you been to Safeway anytime in the last two…

Posted by Robbie Seibel on Saturday, January 2, 2016




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