When I was 16

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When I was 16, someone used gas and burned my family’s home to the ground. I was arrested for it 2 days later and put in Dekalb Co Jail, and no one baled me out. I was charged with arson as an adult and was facing 25 years in prison. I stayed in jail for months and months, and then I was baled out and sent to a rehab center until my court date. I felt like the rehab was worse than being in jail. I still feel that way. I was later found not guilty, and all charges were dropped. I am just glad I was not soft like the kids today, or I would have died!


When I was 13 I spent a year in a outdoor treatment center that was later shut down for breaking child slave labor laws and for assaulting the students, both physically and sexually.

http://candiecoded.com/Anneewakee/  I made a whole web page about that!

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Published on: November 14, 2016

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